Interviewing company personnel.

This week we arranged, for our project, that we could interview some people of who we believe have an interesting connection to the problem we are asked to investigate.

In order to get a general feeling of the problem and the company we interviewed first Mr. Bos, who is our connection point with the company and has been working there for quiet a few years. The questions we asked him for instance were about how he felt in terms of the internal culture of the company, is it open, friendly or not. Is it all running smoothly in his opinion and what he would like to see improved. We also asked him about the problem with the letter at which we gained some interesting answers.

Next we interviewed an employee from the customer service team. For him we had some difficult questions which he was able to answer with great detail and great interest. He came up with a number of ideas which could help reduce the number of in comming calls from customers. These ideas also sounded interesting to Mr. Bos, who was also present during the interview. One of the ideas which he mentioned was the acquisition of a database with phone numbers in order to better reach customers. This because the clients, and in particular Brinck’s main client Liander, Do not supply Brinck with the phone numbers of the customers because out of privacy law regulations. (a bit ridiculous, but understandable)

The last interview was with a mechanic. Why a mechanic? Because for Brinck, the mechanic is the one and only face-to-face connection the company has with the customer him/herself. We asked him about the experiences he had dealing with customers. Some of which were quiet interesting while others were, more or less, unexpected. Like for instance. The mechanic mentioned that one time a customer threatened him with a knife and ordered him to “get the hell out of his house”. We also asked him about what customers reacted towards him when he came to their homes for a job and the customer didn’t realize he/she had an appointment. The information we gained gave us an insight on how the mechanics dealt with situations like described.

The interviews were being handled by Patrique. Jordy wrote down extra notes for quick review. Jim asked additional questions which were not present on the interview forms, just in case some additional information would reveal new questions. and Lina was tasked with filming the interview.


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