Plan of Approach, our second try.

On the 18th of March we had another meeting with our supervisor Mr. Nijland in order to discuss our POA. During the meeting Mr. Nijland again had taken a quick look and said that it still wasn’t good enough. However it did improve. Mr. Nijland gave us, after seeing how we had made the POA, a crash-course in making the POA effective by drawing it out on a piece of paper. We had to, according to him, focus more on the processes, people and IT of the department(s) that are connected to customer relations. This because our initial company problem is about the relation between the company and the customers which they serve.

In order to make our POA more focused on what we wanted to do for the company we needed to narrow the scope by, firstly, improving the introduction of our POA by implementing terms such as department and customer relation. Secondly, we are to improve our central research question. This is because it is also too wide, which means that we aren’t focused on our initial problem but more on the company as a whole.


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