The Plan of Approach, our first try.

Our first try in making a plan of approach was done just a few days before we had our visit to the company. We had to make our plan quickly because the deadline was creeping in ever closer. We knew that it wasn´t going to be sufficient and made notice of this to our supervisor Mr. Nijland. Who then told us to improve the plan of approach after we had obtained the data from the company with which we have to work during the project.

This is what we did. We discussed what everyone was going to be doing during a meeting we planned the first day after the holiday. After we arrived back at home, we agreed, we would start on improving the Plan of Approach.

On the 8th of March we then had our meeting with Mr. Nijland in order to discuss with him, the in our eyes, “perfect” Plan of Approach and receive feedback on it. However…. After taking a quick look, Mr. Nijland soon realized that our seemingly flawless piece of work was actually not that “perfect”. Mr. Nijland explained to us that he had expected us to use the explanation of how to create a POA from the Thesis document which can be found on MySaxion. We didn’t knew at that time about the existence of such an document and told Mr. Nijland how we have created the POA with the help of the information provided to us by our first year teachers.

At the end of our meeting with MR. Nijland we made a new appointment in the following week for another review about the POA. This had been set on Friday the 18th.



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