Our first trip to the company

On February the 29th we visited The Brinck company for the first time. The first struggle we had was that our train didn’t go. So we were already running half an hour behind our schedule. When we came to Nijkerk Patrique was there to pick us up with a car. Unfortunately he had a very ugly car that looked like a microwave and that might have been the reason that it didn’t work. We actually had to push the car to make it work again. This cost us even more time. In the end we still made it on time to the company. Here we met  Zeger Bos and he gave us much information about the information flows within the company. We told him what our plan was for the upcoming months and he told us what De Brinck wanted from us to look at.  

We gained insights into the company and their information systems. We also had a look at the warehouse, which gave us a more practical view of what the company is doing. We spoke to the head of customer services, she gave us more information about the current situation in customer services.

The process between customer and service is what we have been asked to look into. When The Brinck sends a letter to their clients they receive  phone calls very often, and that is what they want reduce. We are going to solve this problem with a solution that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

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